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HI! Since we're all new here I thought I'd tell you a little about myself and how I got started as a stylist.

All right, here we go.....

In August of 1999, I started Owasso Beauty College. I was in a class of 4. Yep 4. They told me It took 1500 hours or 9 months to complete school. So that's what I did. Some girls had been there way longer than that. Not me. I couldn't wait to get started. I was going to be the best! WOOOOO!!!!!! During my last month in school, someone called in and was looking for an assistant. Uh..hello….I'll do it. I met with this man. He offered me the job and $40 a week or $10 a day to be his assistant.(wait..I thought it would be a good learning opportunity) This man charged $50 for a haircut. While I was there one day he finished up a client and said "I've raised my prices to $60 because I bought a motorcycle", She paid and went on with her business. While I stood there with my mouth wide open. $60 for a haircut! I was still in school and I think ours were $5. I was to start working for the Man on a Tuesday, he didn't show. Nobody did. I went home and called my mom.

A lady in her office suggested I call the salon where she went and see if they knew anywhere that was hiring. So I called and set up an interview the next day. I went in for my interview and found myself with a booth at a small salon. Small, three chairs, two shampoo bowls. I loved it. But what was I going to do? I didn't have anything. Nothing to start a business. My mom took me out and we bought all the things I thought I would need for all the clients who were just going to come rolling in. That's what you think is going to happen. The busy bus just rolls right up outside and all the clients you'll ever need will be there waiting for you. HaHa, silly me. On that same day I had the interview, the Man calls, he wants to know where I am. Uh, what?! I tell him I was there Tuesday before 9am, he says "OH, I forgot to tell you I don't work Tuesdays anymore" Well okay then. I politely thank him and tell him I've taken a job somewhere else. I think he was mad. Meh, me too.

I ended up working at that small salon for 11 years. 11 years is a long time in the stylist world.

Part 2....coming soon.

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