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The End???? (part 3)

You're here for the conclusion of this riveting tale, aren't you? IF you missed parts 1 and 2, go back and catch up. We'll wait.

So, in December of 2011, I left my small salon home and moved to a much bigger salon. In another town, further away from home. It was awkward at first. Yunno, being the new kid sucks! I'm totally an introvert. In this new bigger salon, there were 11 stylists. Eleven!! Plus all the other service providers. 16 I think was the number at that time. Whew. When I started at this salon, a new owner had just bought it. She had big plans. Plans of it being something bigger.

In 2012,my friend B and I went to the Redken Exchange and took our Certified Colorist exam. I think I studied for a year. Every waking moment was study time. It was October of 2012. Anyone know what happened in New York in October of 2012?? Hurricane Sandy. Yep. Stuck. We didn't have a clue it was coming. But Sandy didn't care. She came full force. New York totally shut down is crazy. No cars, busses or taxis or trains. We had to borrow Wi-Fi from Sephora, by standing outside their closed store. We missed our babies Halloween. I think we all cried. We made it home, eventually. and had to wait forever for our test results. January of 2013, I finally got the email. I PASSED! So relieved. I have been back to New York, it was mostly uneventful. Mostly.

In 2013 or maybe 2014, B decided the salon might need to be a Summit salon. So we jumped on a plane to Tacoma and listened to what they had to say. I think that day was the day the salon changed. Well, maybe the day we were back in the salon. We were learning how to grow people. I now work with an associate, pretty much full time. My goal is for her to learn all the things. All the Things it took me years and years to know. How to build a clientele. Social media. Guest handling. It's hard work for both of us. But I'm on my fifth associate and I still have some to learn. Heck, I have lots to learn.

Along the way the Hubs and I had another baby. 7 years after the first one. We live in a town away from our family. But have made some really great friends here. We are currently looking for our third house or land (we do like to build houses). We are crazy competitive cheer parents. Go Shouters! I'm at the race track every other Saturday night watching the girl and the Hubs race carts.

This is the end of my story for now, but not forever.

I've got some tutorials lined up for y'all. Be ready.

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